David Fiorucci

Dual nationality (Swiss/Italian), born in Fribourg in 1968, married with three children.

David Fiorucci has held various senior and executive management positions in industry, the service sector, the public sector and finance. He has over 20 years’ experience managing teams of 5 – 50 people in the SME sector and in large national and international companies.


He is comfortable operating within cultural diversity and has worked on mandates/projects/workshops in different countries: Switzerland (three different language regions), France, Germany (North and South), Austria.

His areas are Transformation, Leadership, organisational development, personnel development, sustainable development, strategic management, facilitation and training.

From 2012 to june 2016 David Fiorucci was a member of senior management at the Swiss Life Switzerland headquarters in Zurich where he was Head of Learning & Development and has supported the Transformation.


David Fiorucci is a member of the consultative committee (Beirat) of the Swiss Management Training Association (Schweizerische Vereinigung für Führungsausbildung).

He has a number of higher education mandates (Federal HR Diploma, EMBA International Management and Leadership).


His languages: FR/GER/EN/IT

Leadership according to David Fiorucci

Capacity to create momentum, to mobilise people towards a common objective, towards an attractive vision, via a stimulating, creative and inspiring framework.

Legitimate power (authority).