1. Why don’t we have the impact we would like?
  2. The dangers of charisma: A question of responsibility and autonomy
  3. The good boss has a clear vision
  4. Self reflection at the heart of leadership: A key driver of health at work
  5. Leadership assumes awareness of one’s personal values
  6. Corporate values: Really useful or an aberration?
  7. How to earn respect: Set a good example
  8. Psychological presence as a driver of innovation
  9. Management: Affirming courage
  10. Gaining in confidence through feedback
  11. Can a boss be fair?
  12. The agile manager
  13. Holacracy & Co.: A question of autonomy teamwork cooperation and above all leadership
  14. What level of technical managerial skills does a good boss need?
  15. A good leader takes decisions and delegates
  16. Leadership: legitimate power
  17. Economic performance and energy: a force to be reckoned with
  18. High Performance Team
  19. How to build a strong team spirit
  20. The challenges facing business: digital transformation, uncertainty, complexity, acceleration – responses and dilemmas
  21. Mindful leadership
  22. Conflict: a golden opportunity
  23. The right to commit errors but not faults
  24. Restoring meaning to work in response to the challenges of modern life: New Work and co.
  25. Leadership and emotional intelligence: A key to becoming an inspirational leader
  26. “Change management”, a misnomer: Rather than “managed”, change needs to be supported
  27. The hidden lessons of coronavirus