1. Why don’t we have the impact we would like?
  2. The dangers of charisma: A question of responsibility and autonomy
  3. The good boss has a clear vision
  4. Self reflection at the heart of leadership: A key driver of health at work
  5. Leadership assumes awareness of one’s personal values
  6. Corporate values: Really useful or an aberration?
  7. How to earn respect: Set a good example
  8. Psychological presence as a driver of innovation
  9. Management: Affirming courage
  10. Gaining in confidence through feedback
  11. Can a boss be fair?
  12. The agile manager
  13. Holacracy & Co.: A question of autonomy teamwork cooperation and above all leadership
  14. What level of technical managerial skills does a good boss need?
  15. A good leader takes decisions and delegates
  16. Leadership: legitimate power
  17. Economic performance and energy: a force to be reckoned with
  18. High Performance Team
  19. How to build a strong team spirit
  20. The challenges facing business: digital transformation, uncertainty, complexity, acceleration – responses and dilemmas
  21. Mindful leadership
  22. Conflict: a golden opportunity
  23. The right to commit errors but not faults
  24. Restoring meaning to work in response to the challenges of modern life: New Work and co.
  25. Leadership and emotional intelligence: A key to becoming an inspirational leader
  26. “Change management”, a misnomer: Rather than “managed”, change needs to be supported
  27. The hidden lessons of coronavirus
  28. Talent development 4.0
  29. How to calculate the transformation index of your business and set the right priorities for the future
  30. Intention: driver of our actions and a factor we often overlook
  31. Employability, comfort zones and conscious breathing