The LP3 model is deployed as the governing principle in the implementation of living leadership.

  • This entails the following:
  • Drawing up the mission, vision, values and strategy
  • Various training programmes within the companies
  • Coaching
  • Team development workshops (workshop for high-performance team)
  • Assessment of leadership abilities (self-evaluation and how othersperceive us)
  • Communication measures
  • Variousothermeasuresaccording to requirements

It can be deployed at both individual level for personal development and at team and organisational level.

The effectiveness of the model lies in the appropriatedeployment of methods and specifictools (see distinctions in the followingdiagram).
Thesespecificskillsassociatedwith the model canbeacquired by partnerinstructorsunder licence. The deployment of the LP3 model with its associated methods, tools and documents is also governed by licence.

Distinctions between model, method and tool

Model Method Tool
Definition Description, representation, explanation of reality Structured deployment (can change from one situ-ation to another) of the tools and techniques. The methods are very often de-rived from a model. Specific and approved instrument that it is possible to learn how to use (technique). The instrument can be deployed in different situations and for a variety of methods.