Nadine Waldvogel, nw GmbH, Owner, Coach and Organizational Consultant BSO

Management evaluation at all management levels

At the beginning of the year, we acquired a new customer – an SME which was already in the middle of a one-year transformation process. With the long-term goal of strengthening the leadership structure and the managers within the organization, we decided to evaluate the managers and the leadership behaviour in line with the LP3 leadership wheel.

Direct line managers, peers (colleagues at the same management level) and direct reports were all interviewed online for each manager from the three different management levels. After assessing each individual evaluation, we held an evaluation discussion with each manager, in which we emphasized strengths, unlocked potential and tried to reconcile their image of themselves with the image others have of them. In the discussion, we were able to give some managers useful instruments, tips and tricks to adjust their leadership behaviour. The individual managers identified goals and measures for themselves and presented them to HR and their line managers.
Following all of the discussions, we reused the data collected and generated new evaluations about the individual management levels, thus developing the LP3 online tool.

These overall evaluations now allow goals and measures to be developed to improve leadership behaviour and the understanding of roles. Furthermore, these evaluations also highlight the areas in which further adjustments can be made at the organizational, team and management levels. You can find more information about this successful project at: